• *PART NO: 597RDS4.
  • *Digits First digit: 18”(h)x 1.5”(w)Other digits:18”(h)x 8”(w).
  • *AC power input 100~240 V AC.
  • *DC power input 12 V DC.
  • *Solar panel options 90W or 140W solar panel.
  • *Integrated flashing speed violator strobe.
  • *Allows for animated text or graphics.
  • *Energy efficient power options.
  • *Diamond-grade sheeting available.
  • *Strobe activation/deactivation available.
  • *AC, battery or solar power.
  • *Traffic data and reports.
  • *SafePace Cloud remote access.
Product Summary

The VET54 Radar Sign variable messaging sign offers the ability to display custom text, graphics, or extra-large 18” speed display for enhanced visibility from further distances.
The flexible sign offers the ability to display either driver speed including speed activated digit color changes or your choice of driver responsive text or graphics on the full matrix speed display sign. Speed Violator Strobe 21 LEDs: Color: White (2700 k – 6500 k) Viewing angle at 50% IV: 150° Luminous Flux: typically 33lm @ 4000 K Luminous Efficacy: typically 176 lm/W @4000 K


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