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Custom Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Will Get Your Business Noticed Day or Night

Building Signs

If you are thinking about getting a new building sign for your business, you should consider getting a lighted one. Most signs are illuminated with LED lights these days because they burn brighter, last longer, and are much more energy efficient than just about any other type of lighting. Even if your business doesn’t operate at night, a lighted sign is also a good way to advertise your name and brand 24 hours a day. And if you do operate at night, and you have customers and clients that come to your place of business, then a lighted sign is almost a must.

Vehicle Wraps

Odds are, the amount of advertising space your business’s property offers is decidedly limited. Fortunately there are other options for getting your brand out there in front of the world—and one of the best is with custom vehicle wraps. At Lenash Signs we create and install one-of-a-kind car wraps for businesses and individuals, allowing you to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and take your message with you wherever you roam. High quality vinyl wraps won’t damage a vehicle’s paint job or finish—in fact full coverage wraps may add an extra layer of protection.

Custom Dimensional Lettering

Sometimes the best way to send a message is to simply write it out for everyone to see. Dimensional lettering signage gives organizations an attractive and effective way to advertise their brand, motto, or message in a variety of settings and applications. At Lenash Signs, Johannesburg, South Africa, our designers have years of experience with a tremendous variety of both indoor and outdoor sign letters and are ready to put that experience and professionalism to work for you!

Business has only two functions. Marketing & Innovation.

If a Company wants to be successful, it needs to create its own unique brand. This brand needs to be made up of key traits and qualities that are aspired to and also that assists in keeping all involved to remain focused on. At Lenash Signs Africa our mission statement is centralized around being passionate, professional and purposeful.

Quality Signage Manufacturing

Lenash Signs prides itself on providing an outstanding and 100% customizable product. No matter the size, color, font, or message that your letters convey we’ll make sure that your signs are designed to our exacting standards for maximum quality and longevity. Tailor-made channel letters for each individual client according to their design, the signs’ construction features rust-resistant aluminum and high density plastics—both of which are waterproof and age well. During manufacturing, aluminum sheets are bent into the desired three dimensional shape channel letters and finalized with a plastic face. Simply choose the right words and a great color and/or LED combination that matches your brand and complements your property night and day.


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We will strive to remain passionate about the Lenash Signs brand though a positive energy and attitude towards the product, our colleagues and our customers. Through this passion we will grow a stronger business and achieve our goals. This will help our clients stay enthusiastic about their business, in turn keeping us passionate about our own.


We make it our daily goal to commit to excellence and professionalism which will result in a growth within the business and a solidification in the relationship we have with our clients. We accept the responsibility of being linked to our clients’ identity, being custodians of their Corporate Identity and endeavour to uphold it in the most professional manner possible. We will promote an atmosphere of cooperation, of intellectual openness and honesty.


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We aspire to do the right thing, for the right reason, for the betterment of the client, company and all involved. To do our utmost to achieve growth through quality products, superior service, innovation and commitment, ultimately striving to become the industry-leaders that our customers will be proud to be associated with.

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