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Lenash Signs is a manufacturer of traffic and safety signs for  major regions Limpopo – Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Freestate & North West. We have over 8 years’ experience in the signage and civil industry, we understand the value of time and money, hence delivering on time, at reasonable rates, without compromising on quality.
The major focus are and will always be to provide our clients with a turnkey solution to all their civil/road construction needs.



About Lenash Road Signage Africa

Lenash Signs has been manufacturing and supplying roadblock and traffic control solutions for more than thirty years.  The company markets its Traffic Management Solutions and Road Safety Equipment under the Lenash Signs banner and its Roadblock and Visible Policing Solutions under the Lenash Signs banner. Lenash Signs believes that all equipment used in a road traffic or industrial safety environment must be robust and reliable.  The company has designed the majority of products for use in harsh Southern African conditions which makes it more than capable of operating in virtually any environment. Lenash Signs manufactures many of its own products.  Products that are imported from other manufacturers undergo a strict quality assurance and comprehensive testing process. Lenash Signs  supplies a comprehensive range of traffic safety and calming equipment including speed bumps, barriers, cones, locks and clamps, flashers and more for deployment at accident scenes, in car parks, construction and mining locations, shopping centres and other environments that require clear safety measures. Our visible policing equipment for checkpoints and roadblocks has been successfully supplied and deployed in South Africa, and in various countries in Africa and the Middle East. Many years of careful design has resulted in a system that brings the necessary safety to roadblocks and checkpoints for stopping vehicles on public roads. The Roadblock system contains easy to use multi-purpose road signs, warning lights, under-vehicle inspection mirrors and floodlights, to name but a few. The Lenash Signs roadblock checkpoint control system brings both safety and order to potentially dangerous situations. Lenash Signs is also the African agent for the Stromberg Caltrop Tire Deflator, a solution for stopping high speed vehicle pursuits, or containing a hostage or robbery in progress. The Lenash Signs Tire Deflator is also deployed for effective border control at border posts and checkpoints.


Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps have a unique shape to effectively slow vehicles of all sizes on various speed roads. Speed Bumps are highly visible on bitumen, brick paving and concrete surfaces. This ensures that motorists see the bumps before they approach and have ample time to slow down.

Futura Expanding Barrier

Expanding Barrier is an extremely versatile, portable multi-purpose barrier that is ideal for effective road or pedestrian closures. It can also serve as a shielding barrier to demarcate dangerous areas. The RoadQuip® Expanding Barrier is the ideal barricade to keep motorists and pedestrians away from hazardous areas.

Traffic Cones

raffic cones are used to indicate, demarcate, warn or delineate an area. Road cones are also widely used for construction, mining, industry, traffic, police and military and in various sports as a training tool. Lenash Signs Traffic cones are manufactured from flexible high visibility dayglo plastic material with the colour moulded into the cone and a heavy base to keep the traffic cone upright and on the road.

Parking Reservation Lock

Parking Bay Reserver is an effective way to dedicate parking bays for clients or tenants or to reserve disabled parking bays. The parking reserver is mounted one third into the parking space, with the reserver panel locked in an upright position to reserve a parking. The parking reserver is left in the down position for the time the car is parked in the bay and is raised and locked into position when the vehicle exits.

Lenash Signs Road Management Solutions Johannesburg

Lenash Road Markings

Lenash Signs has emerged as one of the leaders in the road marking industry. We have
years of experience in the business. We offer services to the transport infrastructure industry, both
in the private and public sectors. We carry out works for:

  • National Roads
  • Urban Roads
  • Shopping Centres and Office Blocks
  • Road Marking for all Township Developments
  • Maintenance and Refurbishing of Roads

We have special teams who are dedicated to cater to the needs of the private industry. We paint
shopping centres, office parks, housing estates. Our team is also dedicated to carry out massive
works on Freeways, City Roads, Primary Roads, Secondary Roads, Feeders and Access Roads of
Residential, Industrial and Commercial places.

Signage and Mine Signage

Lenash Signs is a manufacture and installation of road signs and mine safety signs. Lenash Signs is dedicated to manufacture and supply quality road signs, mine safety signs & road furniture. Lenash Signs services a large portion of the construction, mining, infrastructure and commercial signage segments in South Africa and the Sub-Saharan region in terms of visibility (reflective) signage, safety signage and equipment. We are devoted to the manufacturing of cost effective products and motivated by an unwavering commitment to quality, the integrity of our products and services while providing continued growth and profitability for our customers. We proudly put a strong emphasis on total customer satisfaction. The company has over the past 5 years developed a comparative advantage in the industry, by supplying quality products at lead times. Lenash Signs’s mission is: -To develop and maintain a track record of delivering at lead times. -Listen and respond with empathy to our customers need -To promote Black Economic Empowerment at all times. -Building the company’s internal capacity to maintain product and service excellence. -To uphold sustainable development principals in all product development initiatives. Our business model is based on volume supply at competitive pricing and quick turnaround Lenash Signs road furniture supplier.

road Signage Specialits In Sub Saharan Africa

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Solution for all Road Signage, Road Markings and general business signage

Lenash Signs is a privately owned BEE Road Maintenance & surfacing company borne out of the dire need to expertly maintain & surface roads while giving clients value to their assets. Adequate road maintenance is critical as without proper maintenance roads will reach the end of their service life long before their planned designed life. Maintenance needs to be methodical and correct. Unwise practised principals will be more costly in the long run, we offer comprehensive road maintenance solutions guaranteed for a minimum of 3 years


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